Knight Community Corrections, Inc. is dedicated to the protection and safety of the community, while supervising offenders who have been sentenced to our programs.

It is our goal to offer various life enrichment programs, counseling, and supervision as an alternative to incarceration. KCCI allows the offender the opportunity to be a productive and responsible member of the community, while also providing for their family.


With over 30 years of experience in the Community Corrections field, Knight Community Corrections, Inc. offers several levels of supervision to the Courts, Probation and the offender, from Day Reporting to high level Global Positioning Systems.

KCCI conducts weekly employment or home checks which is reported monthly to the Court and Probation Department.

KCCI will conduct random drug analysis and alcohol testing, at least once a month. Drug testing utilizes a saliva sample and alcohol testing is performed with a certified portable breath unit.

KCCI has access to highly trained and qualified independent counselors, from the community, to help the offender with personal issues such as Alcohol, Drugs, Gambling, Anger Management, Family Counseling, and Employment Assistance.**


Knight Community Corrections, Inc. was conceived utilizing two old concepts.

The first concept is derived from the Court of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. In olden times, the knight was a symbol and the enforcer of the kings’ rules and laws. The knight symbolized swift, fair justice, while providing protection to the land and the citizens of the realm.

Knight Community Corrections, Inc. adopts this philosophy in that we provide a service to the Courts, the County and to the State of Indiana. We are but an extension of the agencies that enforces these laws and statues, while providing supervision of offenders in order to protect the public.

The second concept is that of the Chess Board game. Most chess pieces can only move in a straight direction for any given move. The Knight is the most versatile chess piece on the board. When faced with the danger of being captured, the knight can move in eight different directions, thereby avoiding its capture. The knight also utilizes this uniqueness to capture other pieces in order to protect.

Like the Knight Chess piece, Knight Community Corrections, Inc. prides itself in that we exhaust all avenues to find solutions for offenders who are faced with a problem. Our goal and philosophy is rehabilitation, not incarceration, while reducing recidivism.